10L / 15L

Sensible Life

Ergonomic intelligent induction

According to the Asian people's arm swing the comprehensive data, set comfortable 40CM induction range, any part of the body close to the barrel cover automatically Turn on and close automatically after 5 seconds left.

React swiftly without touching

The response time of ordinary sensor garbage can is 150 milliseconds The series adopts the self-developed rapid induction system The response time is just 80 milliseconds off the switch Quick response, sensitive and smooth

Intelligent sensor bin is beyond your image about trash bin New type one-piece silent motor, infrared photoelectric sensor technology, with imported STM8 control chip. Just open cover, silent closed, durable.

High performance
low power consumption

The high performance MCU of Italian semiconductor To make the system more responsive It also reduces standby power consumption

Charge once a year

High performance 3600mAH large-capacity lithium battery pack, Charge 6 hours, open a full year, induction mainframe Use Micio USB charging port.

Stay open lid

Touch the OPEN key and the lid will automatically OPEN and will continue Keep open cover and touch the CLOSE button The cover automatically closes

Humanized delayed closure

When an object stays in the zone of induction, the lid stays open all the time The lid will not close automatically when the object is away from the sensor for 5 seconds.

Stainless steel from top and Bottom shows metallic texture

The strength of the torsion drums of the motor is still adopted. Import 430 stainless steel material brings visual, tactile unity.

Fingerprint resistant coating

The surface is treated by FPR coating, and is fine and smooth How do fingers touch, fingerprints all without residue, waterproof Oil oily, besmirch a wipe, cleaner and more Dry tactile experience

Anti-skid base

For a better trample experience, the bottom of each bucket All equipped with anti-slip mat, better fitting ground, Avoid possible displacement in wet and slippery areas.

All-sealed base design

The bottom of the barrel is designed with an all-around cover, better Cut off the pest and stop the rubbish from falling apart Lock the odor and keep it clean

Handle with simple and pleasing shape

The wonderful design of the back part of the bucket, Simple and beautiful and easy to lift.

Garbage bag tuck hole

The receiving holes with PVC cover can avoid the leakage of garbage bags And it affects aesthetics. You just need to make the trash bag redundant Twist the plug hole to protect you Fingers are not hurt

Garbage bag with thicken pack mouth

Humanized "namely pull packing function", more convenient, more hygienic
(10L /15L is suitable for type B garbage collection bag, 18L is suitable for type A garbage collection bag)


10L / 15L
10L 20×29.8×35.6cm(Height) 15L 20×29.8×46.7cm(Height)
Sand steel
  • Intelligent induction
  • Anti-fouling anti-fingerprint technology
  • Keep open
  • The garbage bag receives the hole
  • Non-slip base
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