In human life
You need to bring a "crazy"
There is a "crazy" heart
To make life full of surprises and different"


Two-phase slow close mechanism

The front half of the cover closes fast and the second half slowly.Elevating style, Prevent accidental intercalation, shorten closing time to reduce odor excretion, Quiet.

The lid closes slowly
without noise

The second order reduction technique is adopted
Noise reduction increased by 40%
Feel a moment of peace that never happened

Keep open lid

To facilitate your collection or replacement of garbage bags, open the lid and press The red button keeps the lid on, and it can open and keep the cover function Easy to remove the inner bucket to replace the garbage bag, convenient to dump the garbage.

Drive biaxial pedal structure

The human foot ankle rotation Angle of 20 ° to 30 ° combined with a large number of Laboratory test data, we found that 28 ° plus or minus 2 ° to create a comfortable tread Adults and children can easily be trampled.It's not the same thing Trampling system gives you an unusual trample experience

Hidden design for odor-proof

Garbage cans store garbage every day, and the smell blends with each other. A built-in odor adsorption device in the garbage can, which is maintained at all times The space air is fresh.

(The activated charcoal bag or sachet needs to be purchased separately)

Stainless steel surface

The bucket is a strong 430 stainless steel material. Waterproof and rustproof, even under wet conditions. It's always new.

Fingerprint resistant coating

The surface is treated by FPR coating, and is fine and smooth How do fingers touch, fingerprints all without residue, waterproof Oil oily, besmirch a wipe, cleaner and more Dry tactile experience

Anti-skid base

For a better trampling experience, the bottom of each tank Equipped with a skid pad to better fit the ground, Avoid using in wet and slippery places Displacement.

All-sealed base design

The bottom of the barrel is designed with an all-around cover, better Cut off the pest and stop the rubbish from falling apart Keep the odor off the air and keep it clean

Contracted the handle

The wonderful design of the back part of the bucket, Simple and beautiful and easy to lift.

Garbage bag tuck hole

The receiving holes with PVC cover can avoid the leakage of garbage bags And it affects aesthetics. You just need to make the trash bag redundant Twist the plug hole to protect you Fingers are not hurt

Garbage bag with thicken pack mouth

Humanized "namely pull packing function", more convenient, more hygienic
(20L is suitable for type A garbage collection bag)


Sand steel, metal black
  • Secondary reduction of patented technology
  • Keep open
  • Anti-fouling anti-fingerprint technology
  • Hidden net flavor design
  • Mechanical pedals
  • The garbage bag receives the hole
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